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Sam Frye is a coward.

With too many bruises to count, Sam just wants to disappear from his hometown, and the torment he’s endured there, for good. If he can keep his head down, he might scrape by to graduation without any more broken bones. Simple.

Nothing is simple with his best friend, though. After years of shared abuse, Jay is a barreled bullet who would rather go out with a bang. When Sam is partnered with his long-standing crush he draws the unwanted attention of her ex-boyfriend—their most prolific harasser—and while Sam would normally surrender, Jay is ready for a war.

With altercations quickly escalating from bullying and beatings to brutal violence and unspeakable cruelty, Sam and Jay find themselves at the ends of their nooses. Someone will have to put an end to it, before they all wind up dead.

If only Sam Frye wasn’t a coward.

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Things really went south for Desi the day his girlfriend disappeared.


Being a suspect in a missing persons case meant he was at risk of suspension from school, and having the cops breathing down his neck made it really hard to keep selling the illegal substances that were paying for his tuition. Even his band mates won't talk to him anymore; they think the same as everyone else.


He killed her. That's what they all whispered behind their hands in the halls when they saw him. It didn't matter that the cops hadn't arrested him and no body had even been found. That's what everyone thought of him regardless.


Everyone, besides Desi’s eccentric classmate, Casper. He has a different theory, but it's even crazier than the idea that Desi was a murderer.



Desi didn't believe in ghosts or gods and he certainly didn't believe in a cannibalistic monster running a muck in his quiet little town. But if humoring these wild paranormal theories was what it took to have someone on his side, he was happy to do so. Maybe while trying to prove it, they'd stumble across enough evidence to clear Desi’s name like Casper promises.

Unfortunately, as even more people with connections to Desi start disappearing, things only become more damning. Even Desi himself is starting to doubt his own alibis, and with Casper's ghost stories stuck in his head, he can't help but wonder if maybe the truth lies somewhere in between.


Maybe it was him. Maybe it was a Wendigo. Maybe… he was the Wendigo.

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