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I am a Social Media Marketing Professional with currently over 6 years of experience with both paid and organic Social Media Marketing, Managing, Customer Service, Copywriting, and Influencer Marketing. 

I am Canadian born, but currently living in Sweden with my Partner and our dog, Diesel. When I have free time, I like to read, write, and play video games, among other passions.


Currently I am working full time as the soul Customer Service and Social Media Manager for a business with 75k+ followers. I have successfully grown the businesses following by 25k over the last year through constant engagement with our community in combination with Influencer Marketing and Email Marketing.

I have also worked on my Author Social Medias where I have successfully ran email, social media, and, in collaboration with other creators, blog tour campaigns to grow my personal following. Through Social Media I was able to fully fund the publication of two novels in 2018.


I continue to manage these socials on a daily bases to keep up sales and build my brand using photos, graphics and excerpts from my work to draw interest and encourage engagement.



Full CV is available upon request at

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